Heartful Families

Heartful Families, a project of One Big Circle, is for people who want to bring more heart to our human family.

We offer free and consistent virtual opportunities to integrate the Nonviolent Communication practice into your life,

and to experience meaningful participation in a compassionate community.

Centering Circles

The “Heart” of the Heartful Families project is our Centering Circles, a bi-monthly 90 minute virtual gathering held the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month on the Zoom platform.

Hosted by Jennifer Warnick and Jared Finkelstein, Centering Circles are available to all NVC practitioners anywhere in the world who have the means to access the call, and who speak enough english to feel like they would get value from participating.

Each Centering Circle has three distinct parts to center your NVC practice:

  • Part 1:Remembering” - (30 minutes) A Nonviolent Communication teaching.

  • Part 2:Hearing and Being Heard” - (30 minutes) Practice giving and receiving empathy.

  • Part 3:Giving and Receiving” - (30 minutes) Facilitated open forum for questions, offers, and requests in community.

You are welcome to attend just the parts you wish to join, and come and go as you see fit.

Centering Circles are offered at no cost.

For more details visit our Online Calendar

Beyond the Centering Circle

Each month Heartful Families offers a wide variety of additional virtual content. We call these “Offerings” and they are designed for Nonviolent Communication practitioners who want an interactive community setting to sustain, explore, and integrate their practice.

Hosted by Certified Trainers with the Center for Nonviolent Communication, and designed around a particular topic, Offerings are fundamentally informal and responsive. We encourage you to think of our Offerings as sort of “life-line”. A reliable space where you can be with others, accepted as you are, while reflecting upon your life through a lens of compassion.

All of Heartful Families offerings are conveniently found on our Online Calendar, where you can select as many topics as you are interested in and register at no cost.


Heartful Families

  • Join Heartful Families by registering for a single Offering on our online calendar.

  • You will receive our Newsletter on the 1st of each month, listing Offerings for the month.

  • On Fridays we send out our weekly reminder, “This Week From Heartful Families”

Jared Finkelstein

Jared believes that in a connected world what’s most important is the quality of the connection. Jared is a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication who specializes in working with intergenerational groups to teach skills that transform conflict into connection.

Jennifer Warnick

Jennifer is passionate about creating nurturing, restorative communities where every individual, of any age, knows they matter and has the support they need to live in alignment with their deepest values. Jennifer is a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication, working with families and educators, to support more long-lasting, meaningful relationships.

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